These are some of the resources that I use when looking to become published in the traditional sense or working as an Indie Writer (as of 2/1/17, I am still not published, but whatever! That means squat, as I am happy doing what I am doing).

I want to preface that what I am using works for me. Will it absolutely, 100% make you the next Stephen King or Dean Koontz or Clive Barker?  Or at the very least, published and successful?

Probably not.

But I hope that it helps out in someway.

You may need to copy and paste some of the links. Sorry if this is an inconvenience.

I will be adding to this as I evolve and progress, so make sure to check back if you need. Thanks gang!


First thing you would want to do (probably) is open an account with Submittable.

Submittable is a free service that a number of publishers use when it comes to accepting submissions to short stories(?). I question this as I am not fully in the know when it comes to submitting novels or novellas, so they may accept those there as well. They do offer a subscription service, and I have no idea on this as well as I just use the free one.

Some publishers may have their own internal portal like Submittable.

Proper Manuscript Formatting

Many writers have probably used this as an example or guide on how to square your manuscript away. I encourage anyone to use this as a reference.

Self-Promotion *cough* shameless *cough*

Hoot Suite

This is another free tool that allows you to schedule tweets and Facebook posts ahead of time. Like most of the services and site on here, they do offer a subscription based plan that I am sure might be amazing, but I really don’t know. I use Hoot Suite to block out my tweets when I am feeling shameless, which happens to be everyday.

Writing Communities


This is a growing community that I used to promote Ghoul Flash Fiction on. It is free to join, however they do offer a subscription-based service that has some bells and whistles to it. I only use the free version. They do promote your work once and awhile on Twitter, and of course, the more active you are (I.E., read others posts, give feedback), the better the chance you have to receiving constructive criticism.

Short Fiction Publishers

A quick disclaimer:

For accurate pay rates, please refer to the publishers site as the rates may change.

TTA Publishing

These folks publish multiple magazines that range from horror (Black Static) to Science Fiction and Fantasy (Interzone). They have quick response time and I believe they pay the pro-rate of 0.03 – 0.06 cents a word. or for direct submissions use

Gamut Magazine

These folks are brand new! Launched January of 2017, Gamut is an online magazine that pays up to a dime per word for short stories and they also accept flash fiction and poetry. I almost think I remember reading something about them delving in non-fiction as well, so please don’t quote me on that. – for submission information.

Psuedopod (Audio Reads)

Psuedopod is a decade old podcast dedicated to reading only the best in horror. Escape Artists the parent company, and they’re are other casts under them for different genres (Escape Pod for Science Fiction and Podcastle for Fantasy). Psuedopod opens on a quartlery basis for submissions, and the link below is to that. They open next on March 1st and use Submittable.