An Update for Ya!

Hey gang,

How are things? I hope well.

I wanted to come and drop some of what is going on in my life for you all.

My new job is almost at baseline status in regards to my weekly schedule. I’ve been taking a class and working overtime, so I knew the first few weeks would be extremely busy. I’ve put writing on a simmer so my focus wouldn’t be overloaded when I am trying to absorb everything I can to be an effective supervisor and caregiver on the clock, and also, a dedicated father and husband at home. Working with folks who have TBI’s (Traumatic Brain Injuries) is a passion of mine, and helping to lead an amazing team is rewarding and at the end of the day, fun.

I’ve had to force myself to slack with the stories and poor Ghoul is feeling neglected. But hey, you know, life happens. Writers are selfish, and sometimes we make choices that will benefit the readers later in time. Just be patience, and thank you for sticking around.

Also, I’ve been extended an invitation to be a part-time contributor for Pen of the Damned, and I gladly accepted that offer! I am thinking that after this week I will be ready to hit the words seriously and ready to post on my normal schedule once again, with the additions of Pen of the Damned’s stories being reblogged here with links to author pages and social media goodness for them as well.

Thanks again everyone for being a reader, and more importantly, for having toe nails. Random appreciation, I get it, but have you ever thought what humans would look like without toe nails? Or even, finger nails?

Cuticles: they prevent gross moments in everyday interactions that we take for granted.

Don’t take that shit for granted.

Take it easy everyone!

John Potts Jr.

Author: John Potts Jr

I write horror and dark humor... and that's about it. Come on over and give a read sometime! Thanks! K bye!

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