Something to Hold You Over….

Hey everyone,

Have some art to keep you pacified until Part Four of The Storm Within is released. Everything was drawn by my best friend for my birthday last year. Enjoy!


Birthday piece itself. I can’t believe it took me this long to get my scanner hooked up to my new computer. Charlie (you’ll see his awesome face at the end) has a hard time with anything horror and I think he did a great job regardless of his feelings on the genre. I wanted something simple and he provided in spades.


One of the sketches he started for the birthday piece. Very cool!


Another sketch. Also very cool.


The man himself: Charles Lewis.

Between you and me, this is the best picture. I chuckle every time I see it. I’d seriously put that face on a shirt with a kick-ass motto. Something simple, you know? How about,

“Hey man, you know what? Your’re awesome.”

Or maybe….

“No one will forget your grandeur,” as he flies off on into the sunset.

Charlie has been many things in life: Landlord, Meat Cutter, Merchant Marine, but more importantly, a father and husband. Charlie has been drawing for longer than I have been alive and what you see here falls short of his amazing scope of talent. He has yet to read any of my stories because horror just isn’t his thing. I am perfectly fine with that and in a sense, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Thanks Charlie!

See you all in a few days,

John Potts Jr


Author: John Potts Jr

I write horror and dark humor... and that's about it. Come on over and give a read sometime! Thanks! K bye!

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